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IRAN: Aid Convoys To Leave For Christians In Iraq


Iranian Aid Convoys to leave for Iraq to administer medical facilities to Christians in Iraq.


Iranian aid convoys to leave for Iraq
Iranian aid convoys to leave for Iraq

According to fides, these Iranian aid convoys are awaiting the entry permit from the Iraqi government in order to enter the Iraqi territory and the aid be distributed among the Christian communities that have suffered large-scale devastation at the hands of the terror group ISIS. A Christian parliamentarian Yonatan Betkolia, representative of the Assyrian and Chaldean communities reported this to the Iranian news agencies.

Yonatan Betkolia said that Iran has already sent humanitarian aid to religious minorities that have been brutally targeted by the militia of the ISIS. At the present humanitarian convoys with food, tents, clothing, and medical and health care for Christians who have found refuge in Erbil and other areas of Iraqi Kurdistan are ready to leave. Iranian officials operating in the area says that Betkolia has already contacted the local Christian communities to coordinate the distribution of aid.

Before Christmas, the Iranian ambassador in Amman Mojtaba Ferdowsjpour had visited Archbishop Maroun Lahham – Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem. The Iranian diplomat, on that occasion, reiterated that “the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to assist the Christians of Iraq and Syria in order to alleviate their suffering and their sorrows”. “Iran has undoubtedly taken a crucial role in the Middle East. It is in permanent contact with the Holy See, with which it shares very important dialogues. We hope that the contribution of Iran has a positive effect in the search for solutions to crises that affect the people of Iraq and Syria,” he added.