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IRAN: Authorities Arrest Nine Christians From A House Church


Persecution of Christians in Iran continues as, nine arrested on Christmas day.

Christians irked by authorities
Christians irked by authorities

According to media reports, nine Christians were arrested in a house church in Iran on Christmas day. The detainees were later transferred to an unknown location. Reportedly, Basij paramilitary force members and armed plainclothes agent raided the house church in the city of Roudehen in Tehran province. The names of those hooked are Mehdi Kian, Ali Sadraddin, Kazemi, Azin Faroudi, Hossein Moridian, Maryam Narimani, Alireza Nasiri, Brother Matin.

The despotic clerical regime in the country is taking out after the Christians continuing human rights abuses during Christmas. When the whole world was engaged in celebrating the festivity of Christmas at dawn of the 25th December, the lowbrow Iranian regime hanged 7 people in mass execution in Shiraz.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance in her message on December 25 called upon the Iranian clerical regime and asserted that they are disguised enemies of Islam and Christ. She asserted that on the authority of religion they are committing human rights abuses such as throwing acids on women, executing the youth, detaining newly converts to Christianity thus disregarding their elementary human rights. They are keen followers of religion and persecute others for their religious beliefs, she remarked.