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Iran: People coming to Christ like never before, country witnessing fast growing Christian population


Christians in Iran

In the face of severe persecution, Christianity is growing steadily in Iran.

According to details, Christianity has become one of the fastest growing religion in Iran. Even though, the country has been witnessing anti-Christian violence, the country now is ranked among one of the most hostile countries for Christians to live in.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has reported that while interviewing several Iranians, the fact was revealed that some of them were former Muslims who had now converted to Christianity. Christian Broadcasting Network further revealed that many of the former Muslims who had converted to Christianity revealed on the condition of anonymity for the sake of their safety that many people in Iran, are accepting Lord Jesus Christ.

CBN quotes one such convert, as revealing that people are having dreams and visions about Lord Jesus Christ, “these dreams are giving them hope amidst the desperation and hardship facing many in the Islamic Republic today.”

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“Dennis,” one such former Muslim who had converted to Christianity after he saw a dream about Jesus, while recalling the happening, owned up that anxiety and fear is motivating more people to seek Christ as the answer to their predicament.

“Yes, many people are coming to Christ through a dream. You cannot imagine how Jesus is appearing to them…You know the experience that the Iranian people are passing through right now is very difficult. The only one who can change that situation is Christ Himself,” Dennis said.

According to what Dennis said, his dream was a remarkable message that moved his soul to look to Jesus as a source of truth. “In the dream, I still remember some marks on His face and that He was wearing a crown, a King’s crown on His head. Very strong brightness came out of each part of His Body and many people were bowing down before Him. That dream became a turning point in my life.”

Another such convert, Abby shared her story saying, “Suddenly, one of the nights when I was in my bed, I just dreamed, and the Light was speaking as I’m speaking to you now.”

“It was speaking to me and calling my name verbally and saying ‘Come to me. I will save you and I will rescue you.’ Abby and her mother soon made a difficult decision – one that could cause them to be executed by the government or socially ostracized by their community.” “This year, about seven months ago, we made our decision to follow Jesus with all our hearts,” she revealed.