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Iranian born University Student Met Jesus in the Middle East


Nikta “Nikki” Taylebian, an Iranian born young woman said that one night in a cold dark room of University of California she reached out to God. She said Christ appeared to her.

Iranian born University Student Met Jesus in the Middle East

Nikki was raised a Muslim believer .For her Christianity was a pseudo religion and its followers were only worshiping false God. She was taught that there was no way God would have a son so she didn’t even consider Jesus.

Nikki recounts a time of hopelessness where she considered suicide to relieve her feelings of anxiety while she was on visit to Tehran. She said that panic gripped her and she couldn’t breathe but in that instant she cried out for help and the God of the universe answered.

When she was in that moment of desperation, Jesus appeared to her with brown hair wearing a blue robe and simply said her to ‘follow Me’. Nikki says a feeling of peace overwhelmed her and she jumped up to search for more information on Jesus.

Since then Nikki has returned to the United States. She joined a church there, got baptized and continues to learn about the love of God.

She told that her family refused to accept her conversion experience but she is confident in her God. She said that no man on Earth can truly hurt me or causes me to give up my faith.

Nikki is enjoying her new walk with Christ. Moreover, she proudly proclaims, “Yes, I am healed and loved by Jesus.”