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Iraq: 7 Christian girls rescued unharmed from ISIS militants


Seven Christian girls have been miraculously rescued from the clutches of terror group Islamic State’s members. These girls remained unharmed after their home was invaded by the ISIS militants but girls hid themselves under their beds and miraculously remained unnoticed by the militants.

Christians persecuted in Iraq

Christian Persecution Watch Dog World Watch Monitor puts the incident in these words saying that at the time of the attack in Kirkuk, “suddenly their street was filled with ISIS jihadists, shouting slogans in Arabic.”

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World Watch Monitor quotes a Syriac Catholic priest s Father Ammar Simon as saying that “students were able to leave their houses in time, but seven girls couldn’t.” Father Ammar Simon who runs a nongovernmental organization called Holy Family Center that provides shelter to the Christian refugees.

“They texted me in the evening; they were terrified: ‘We are in danger. Please come for us,” Father Ammar Simon said. Details emerged that at least four ISIS fighters stormed into their house. “The girls had gone to their bedroom, and were hiding under their beds, covered in blankets.” These seven girls laid motionless under their beds for seven hours. The girls explained that at one point during the seven hours of ordeal, the fighters came into the same room but girls were never discovered, miraculously.