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IRAQ: 90% Of All Christians Have Been Driven Out Of Their Homes Or Displaced By ISIS


Ninety percent of all Christians in Iraq have been driven out of their homes, or displaced, according to a report:

Christianity in IRAQ
Christianity in IRAQ

In an interview with Al Monitor, Ghattas Hazim- Greek Orthodox Bishop for Baghdad, Kuwiat and surroundings has confirmed that current estimates of Christians belonging to his congregation in Iraq have reduced dramatically, with 90% of them being displaced from their homes. Islamic State terrorism and religious persecution have forced some to flee; others have begun to move, expecting their fate to be similar to those already in ISIS-conquered territory

“In Baghdad,” he said, “only 30 of 600 Christian families remain, while in Mosul, which is widely believed not to contain any Christians who are not elderly or otherwise unable to move freely, it appears that fewer than ten Christian families remain. Basra reportedly is not home to a single Christian anymore.”