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Iraq: A Kurdish terrorist group seizes several Christian villages along the Turkish border


Assyrian Christians

A Kurdish terrorist group has nabbed several Christian majority villages in Iraq.

In line with details, a Kurdish militant group, which allegedly the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) which has been designated as a terrorist group by US, has seized several Christian majority villages in Iraq. According to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) that no less than, three Christian villages have fallen into the hands of the PKK terrorists.

The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) has termed the current situation caused by the assault of the PKK fighters, as “occupation.” AINA reports, it has been since late November, that the Christian villages in northern parts of Iraq, along the Turkish border have been fallen into the terrorists’ hands.

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On the other hand, the terror group PKK has put forth, a clarification regarding this occupancy, that the villages have been captured “as part of a humanitarian mission.” Moreover, the residents of one of these Christian villages revealed that PKK ha pledged to open a hospital.

In one the Christian villages which have fell to the terrorists, several houses of Christian residents have been occupied by the terrorists, a prominent case being occupancy of a house of a Christian resident Emmanuel Khoshaba Youkhana, who is the chief of this village.

A Christian resident reveals that he asked a PKK terrorist to shed light on as to why they had occupied the Christian town, and the terrorist answered, “You Assyrians Christians have the opportunity to leave the country, why are you staying here?”

AINA further reported that Emmanuel Youkhana further told that he anticipates a prolonged control of PKK over these Christian villages at least through out the winter. “It is not right for the PKK to occupy our villages and use Assyrians as human shield. It is the duty of the Iraqi central government and the Kurdish regional government to safeguard its citizens.”