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Iraq: After the 24-hours ultimatum from ISIS, about 100,000 Christians left Mosul in a night



After the terror group ISIS declared its caliphate and gave three options to the Christians in Mosul about 100,000 Christians left the city in just one night.

In keeping with details, an Iraqi Father Douglas Bazi who was kidnapped by the ISIS militants has revealed appalling details about the Christians who lived in Mosul. He said Mosul’s Christian population was given an ultimatum of 24-hours to either convert to Islam or else face beheading.

At least 100,000 dejected Christians fled from their homes in Mosul, followed by savage looting by the ISIS jihadists. Father Bazi revealed, “Before 2003 we were two million Christians in Iraq. Now we are maybe 180,000. At least 1,800 Christians have been killed since 2003 in Iraq. That’s why the people are afraid.

Overnight 100,000 people escaped from Mosul and escaped from ISIS. When they arrived and took over Mosul they told the people we have three conditions according to Sharia.

Number one was convert. The second was to pay Jizya and they asked for each person to pay 4,000 to 8,000 US dollars. Third, they said you have to leave or you will be beheaded.”

Father Bazi narrates an instance of a Christian dentist’s encounter with an ISIS fighter. “The dentist helped him and the man told him he would come back to pay him. The dentist said he didn’t have to, but the man insisted he did because it was Sharia.

“After a couple of days he came back and he brought him a Yazidi girl and said ‘this is your reward’. If the dentist refused her, he was going to shoot him, so he took the girl and managed to reach her family.

“When he told the family ‘I have good news for you, your daughter is here how can I bring her to you’, he was shocked because the family told him she was not a virgin anymore, so keep her, we don’t want her. This girl, how can she live anymore when she is not wanted by anyone? If you look at the minority in Iraq, this girl is symbolic of our life.”

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Father Douglas Bazi further narrated another story saying, “There was one lady who went to the mosque to negotiate with ISIS. I went there and I told them ‘I have my mum, she’s old’ and another member of the family was handicapped. She said ‘we can’t leave so can you look to us as a mercy?’ And they told her there are no exceptions to anyone, the law is over all, this is Sharia.”

He revealed another instance when a Christian resident of Mosul was threatened by a Muslim that he should leave because he wanted the Christian man’s house. “The Muslim guy, he went to the Christian’s door and knocked and said ‘did you hear about the decree, the announcement is to leave in 24 hours by Allah’s name, and if I see you here tomorrow I’m going to kill you because I have the right to take your home’.”

However, majority of the victimized Christians were terrified to speak about the atrocities that the terrorist group ISIS has been committing, they were afraid that if they reveal the details, the ISIS jihadists might seek revenge from them.

“Anyone who says anything outside, the other members of their family inside Iraq will pay for it. My people, they are going to leave sooner or later. I’m in love with my country, with my church, I’m proud I’m Iraqi but Iraq isn’t proud because we’re part of it and it’s a shame. There’s no life left behind for us now.”