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Iraq: Chaldean Christians celebrate Christmas amid abandonment from the international community


Christians in Middle East

Iraqi Christians whine about the fact that they had been abandoned by the international community, as they declared we will not accept Christmas wishes from those who had abandoned them.

The priests and deacons of the Chaldean Archieparchy in Baghdad, on Monday December 21 expressed anger over the fact that they had been abandoned by the international community in the hours of need.

The priests and deacons were attending a Christmas party in Baghdad, which was also attended by Chaldean Patriarch Raphael Louis I, the Primate of the Chaldean Church. This was a simple Christmas celebration function. The participants specially focused on the critical features of the Christian sombreness, without getting distracted by social occasions and gatherings.

The Chaldean priests further said that the striking situation experienced by Christian communities in Iraq, mainly because of lack of interest and breach of public institutions. In the past times, Christmas celebrations were characterized by traditional cordial meetings with political and religious representatives to exchange greetings.

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In the wake of the sufferings and vagueness about the future, the Iraqi Christian communities are experiencing mental and physical dilemma they said. Amidst this and several other reasons, including the abandonment of Christian refugees who fled from the Nineveh Plain because of the advance and capture of the area by the terror group Islamic State (Daesh), Iraqi government’s failure to revise the law that imposes children to become Muslims in the event of conversion to Islam of a parent, and the posters which appeared in recent times on the walls in Baghdad, warning Christian women to wear the veil have contributed a lot to the plight of the Iraqi Christians.

The Chaldean Patriarch said that, this year’s Christmas will be “a time for prayer and meditation, to find the comfort that one can have only thanks to the announcement of the birth of Jesus at the beginning of the Year of Mercy.”