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Iraq: Christian forces swear to “fight relentlessly” to free Mosul from Islamic State’s control


Iraqi Christian forces swear to “fight relentlessly” in order to free Mosul and its surrounding areas from the clutches of terror group Islamic State’s control. Iraqi regime’s troops launched an air and ground offensive against the terror group to recapture Mosul. This operation is backed by U.S. and other forces.

Christians in Iraq vow to fight against ISIS

This is what is being called the biggest operation since the Iraq invasion in 2003. Mosul is Iraq’s second largest city and was once heartland of Christian population, since falling into the hands of ISIS in 2014 the city remains a stronghold of the terror group.

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In the pretext of this offensive, in a statement issued on Monday October 17, the Nineveh Plain Forces (NPF) stated: “We salute the Peshmerga forces, all Iraqi military forces, the federal police and the international coalition on the launch of the operations that will allow the retaking of the province of Nineveh.”

Nineveh Plain Forces which is one of the several Christian militias operating in the country; stated that the unit represents the “Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian” community of Iraq. The unit adheres to a local political party and expressed pride in defending Christian community from the ISIS militants. It was further stated that the NPF feels “honored to participate in these operations to liberate all of our occupied territories, and to push out the terrorist gangs of ISIS.

“We have sworn to fight relentlessly, side by side with the allied forces, in order to free all of our cities and villages in the Nineveh Plain and Mosul area. We promise our people that we will honor this commitment.”