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Iraq: Christians dramatically rescued from the clutches of ISIS


Christian refugees from Iraq have been dramatically rescued from the clutches of Islamic State. A business jet flew these refugees away from the tentacles of the militants. A Kiev-based aviation company flew the Christian refugee families in Erbil to their new dwelling in Kosice, Slovakia.

Christian persecution in Iraq

About four business jets were involved in this rescue mission, as 149 Iraqi Christians were taken to Slovakia. A Christian charity Mercury One, funded this rescue mission. Effective execution of this mission, involved great hurdles to be overcome. Ahead of taking the refugees to Slovakia, Mercury One had to tackle with the issues of arranging for air crafts, permits for the rescue flight, and facing the authorization problems from the Iraqi authorities.

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Moreover, the rescue operation face great perils as Syrian airspace remained non-operational because Russia fired rockets into the country. The Syrian airspace remained closed for 48 hours, which caused a delay in the original plan. However, as soon as the air blitz stopped, the rescue operation was carried out and the Christian refugees were flown out on an Airbus A-321.

A member of the rescue operation team, Julien said, “Our biggest satisfaction was to know we probably saved lives back there.” Followed by systematic killings, kidnappings, sexual assaults and various other atrocities by the ISIS militias, Christians have opted to evacuate their homeland.