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IRAQ: Christians Kidnapped And Killed Despite Paying Ransoms


   No end to the suffering and ordeal of Christians in Iraq

Christians being inceasingly targeted in Baghdad
Christians being inceasingly targeted in Baghdad

According to details in the wake of days four Iraqi Christians have been kidnapped in the Iraqi Capital, Baghdad. These kidnappings have been recorded during last four weeks where two of the captured Christians were killed even though ransom was paid. As the story unfolds, they were found dead by the Baghdad police.The cops found the dead body of Quais Abdul Shaya, a kidnapped Christian. His dead body was later handed over to his family. According to the victim’s family they paid kidnappers a ransom amounting to 25,000 dollars; still they killed him. Another similar incident reported recently was when Saher Hanna a Christian was killed by the kidnappers after abducting him in spite of the ransom being paid to the kidnappers. Saher Hanna worked at Iraq’s Ministry of the Interior. However, another Iraqi Christian Dr. Bashar al-Ghanem Akrawi was miraculously released by kidnappers after his family paid them a sum of 50 thousand dollars. This release was made possible because the police carried out an operation against the kidnappers in the hideout where he was being detained.While on the subject, Christians are being targeted increasingly in these recent times in Baghdad, which adds to their delimma. An Iraqi Christian MP, Mr. Imad Youkhana Yako, issued a press release on Thursday, July 9 with an intention to push the Iraqi leaders and security forces to presuppose their responsibilities with reference to a phenomenon that “is part of intimidations suffered by Christian members and contributes to undermining the unity of Iraqi society”.There is no end to the plight of Iraq’s Christian population which includes, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Kurds or Arabs. Ever since the rise and assault of ISIS which reached its apex in August last year, thousands of Christians have been killed, others fled their homes rendered helpless by the militias.