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Iraq: Christians tormented overwhelmingly yet thank God for being “alive”


Iraqi Christians

Iraqi Christians endure in the face of worst of brutalities committed by ISIS.

According to media reports, Christians have gone through some of the worst possible situations in Iraq in recent past years. The onslaught of ISIS has caused great nuisance to the religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

An Iraqi prelate Archbishop Bashar Warda recently took on the chore to depict the extent of persecution Christians have to face since the advance of ISIS. However, he goes on to reveal that Christians are still steadfast despite bloodshed.

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Christians had to under go situations like fleeing from their own homes and all their belongings at night only to escape from the hands of ISIS extremists. They had to walk for hours in order to reach safe haven and escape out of the hands of ISIS.In spite of their sufferings and continuous threats, they are still thankful to God for keeping them safe and alive.

“People come and tell their stories of persecution and how they were really terrified, having to walk eight to 10 hours during the night,” Archbishop Warda says, “In the end, they would tell you, ‘Thank God we are alive. Nushkur Allah. We thank God for everything.’ That’s the phrase they end with. That’s strengthening, in a way.”