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Iraq: Church buildings are being used by ISIS to torture Christian captives


ISIS in Iraq

Islamic State is using the church buildings as torture centres where Christians are being brutally tortured.

According to media reports, a chief of a Christian humanitarian organization claiming that the terror group Islamic State has been turning captured church buildings into the terror group’s torture cells. Iraqi Christians who are hooked by the ISIS jihadists are brought to these torture chambers which were once churches and the Christian captives are compelled to abandon Lord Jesus Christ and forcibly converted to Islam.

A Virginia-based charity organisation namely Christian Freedom International (CFI) has been extending aid to Christians in the countries where anti-Christian violence is on the rise. Christians living in country which are most hostile towards Christianity are effectively receiving help from CFI.

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Christian Freedom International has released a recent video that reveals disturbing statistics which show the number of Christians throughout the world who are being persecuted or killed for their faith. CFI has announced an international day of prayer for the persecuted Christians worldwide. The video, explains that there are over 200 million believers of Christ who are facing several forms of persecution in 105 of the world’s 196 countries.
It was since the summer of 2014, that the terror group Islamic State has been capturing large swathes of Iraq and Syria. These captured areas include many chiefly Christian towns also.

ISIS is an ultra-extremist terrorist group which has become disreputable for inhumane brutally as they wipe put every one who does not agree with the ideologically of the group, or else declines to renounce their religion and follow IS’ extremist brand of Islam.

According to this video staggering statistics depict that one Christian is martyred every 5 minutes because of their faith. CFI also estimates that more Christians have been martyred in the 20th and 21st centuries than in the previous 19 centuries combined.