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IRAQ CRISIS: Minorities Facing Heart-Rending Sexual Violence At The Hands Of ISIS


The horrendous sex slave market run by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Tragic violence against Iraq's religious minorities
Tragic violence against Iraq’s religious minorities

There are a number of incidents in different cities of the systematic rounding up of women and girls; the rapid, enforced divorce of married women from their husbands; the ‘testing’ of single women to assess whether they’re considered to be a virgin; the colour-coding by clothing of married and single women; the selling in an open market with virgins commanding the highest price; and the hasty marriage ceremonies between buyer and the woman they’ve bought.

These captive women sold in slave markets are not just grown women. The youngest girl reported of being taken for rape was three years old. ISIS militias rake captive women and girls from religious minorities including Christians, Yazidis, Shias etc and sell them in this terrible market.