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IRAQ CRISIS: People Accepting Christ All The More Despite Humanitarian Crisis


IRAQ: Native missionaries in Iraq say God is using them to spread hope and faith in Jesus Christ among thousands fleeing Islamic State militants, and many become Christians.

Word of God is being preached more despite ISIS brutality
Word of God is being preached more despite ISIS brutality

“In a crisis like this, we are experiencing a time of revival and awakening everywhere,” a mission leader said, speaking on condition of anonymity amid security concerns.

“God is not just moving people geographically, He is moving in their hearts, as well.”

While many refugees demanded food, missionaries suggested that several asked for the ‘Bread of Life’, a reference to Jesus. “As the missionaries were going from tent to tent in the Akra camp, Gospel workers came upon Abu Mustafa, a 50-year-old man who has three girls with cerebral atrophy and whose wife was killed. Mustafa was blaming God for his tragic situation, but allowed the workers to read the Bible to him and pray for him.”

After accepting Christ Mustafa reportedly said, “This is the first time I feel relief. For three years, I couldn’t smile or feel safe, but now I feel differently. I have peace in my heart. Please pray for my girls. I believe Jesus can heal them, and heal me, from the inside.”