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IRAQ CRISIS: Refugees Are Everywhere – Iraq Facing Worst Humanitarian Crisis


ERBIL: A Priest tells painful stories from Iraq’s distressed Christian community greatly tormented by the Islamic State fighters.

Iraq facing greatest humanitarian crisis
Iraq facing greatest humanitarian crisis

This priest in an interview said: “I lived all my life in Iraq. I have never seen this evil before. Christians were forced to leave Mosul. They were given three options – convert to Islam, pay tax or be killed.

I have one family in my church. IS took everything from them. They took their money, they took even their gold rings, clothes and they even took the medicine of an old lady who was them.

Refugees are everywhere. They are in churches. They are in public schools. They are in streets. They are in parks. Now you can find 40 people living in one house. Many people have come to me and said we are seven families in one house.”