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IRAQ CRISIS: Refugees Still Facing Teething Troubles


David Darg- vice president of international operations at the humanitarian organization “Operation Blessing” told international news agency that thousands of displaced Christians and Yazidis remain in makeshift camps in and around Erbil.


Iraqi refugees facing difficulties
Iraqi refugees facing difficulties

David Darg, arrived in the region and met with local church leaders to assess their greatest needs. He said, “I’ve heard horrific tales of rape and destruction; the people have just gone through so much persecution — having lost everything now, facing a bleak future waiting to see what happens.”

“We’re hearing the stories of the victims who have fled for their lives from the front lines from Mosul and nearby villages,” Darg says adding victims have “lost trust,” with many of them not wanting to return to their villages because of the fear the ISIS terrorists could strike again.

Operation Blessing has started delivering food and blankets to displaced people in camps, churches and abandoned buildings. “Having fled and leaving everything behind, they really have nothing, so the Christian and Yazidi displaced families are lacking food, water, mattresses,” said Darg. “Winter is approaching … so blankets for the cold nights … and all the essential relief supplies that they are going to need to help sustain them for the next few months,” he continued.