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IRAQ: Devastated Christians Preparing For Christmas Amidst ISIS Threat


Christians in Iraq prepare for Christmas after devastation and genocide of Christians by the terror group ISIS.

Christians in Iraq preparing for Christmas
Christians in Iraq preparing for Christmas

According to media details, displaced Christians in Iraq are all set to celebrate Christmas with traditional zeal and festivity and are keeping their traditions alive regardless of harrowing threat of the Islamic State. The displaced Christians now staying in the Mar Elias Catholic Church in Ankawa and Umm al-Nour Church in Erbil have set up shops of Christmas items in markets where they are making and selling Christmas products.

Earlier this year, the terror group ISIS has badly dented Iraq’s minorities including Christians who faced horrific situations when some of them were killed, some kidnapped and some fled. Terror group ISIS swept through Iraq persecuting minorities. An Iraqi bishop estimated that 90 percent of Iraq’s Orthodox Christians have been displaced, while still others speculate that “Christianity in Iraq is finished.”