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Iraq: “If you don’t have a sword, buy one,” commander of Christian militia quotes


Christian military groups in Iraq

“We have to fight. We have to defend ourselves … Jesus himself told us that if you don’t have a sword you should go out and buy one,” al-Kildani a Christian fighter says.

Battered by the rampage of the terror group ISIS, Iraq’ Christians have joined hands to establish an armed group called the Babylonian Brigade. This group has been assigned the task of protecting and defending Christians from the ISIS militants.

While speaking about the group, Rayan al-Kildani- commander of the Babylonian Brigade, says that the local Christians were left with no other option but to establish this group comprising local Christian men, to take up arms against the ISIS extremists who are targeting Christians.

“ISIS displaced us from our houses, they took our money, killed our young men and women and they took our properties. What the Islamic State was doing to the Christians is terrible … They are the devil,” Commander Rayan al-Kildani says.

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While talking with a BBC correspondent, Rayan al-Kildani said that the Babylonian Brigade has recruited about 100,000 armed volunteers in the past two years. Further talking about the beliefs of the group, Rayan al-Kildani said that Iraq’ Christians have to defend themselves, and for doing so it has become imperative to take up arms.
He further went on to quote a passage from the Scripture in the Gospel of Luke chapter 22, verse 36 that says, “If you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

Thus far, the Babylonian Brigade has combated ISIS alongside the Muslim militias. Rayan al-Kildani explained that the group’ soldiers have good defenses and that they are “the first Christian power in Iraqi history.” Furthermore, the group has managed to convince the government of Iraq, to cover the expenses of the group. The central government grants about $1.4 billion (£1 billion) annually, which would be over $600 (£450) per soldier a month.