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Iraq: In my heart I wrestle with why God has allowed such terrible things to happen, says an Iraqi priest


Iraqi priest
An Iraqi priest says his faith has been put to test by the unrelenting crisis in the Middle East.

According to the Christian Today, Archbishop Bashar Warda from Irbil, Iraq, has confessed that even though he has been apparently encouraging thousands of Christians arriving in Irbil, yet, “in my heart I wrestle with why God has allowed such terrible things to happen.”

Moreover, Archbishop Warda said that an urge takes place within him that with the help of God, his relationship with God endures even the unbelievable challenges that he has faced over the past year.

“Before going to sleep, I usually hand all my crises, wishes, thoughts and sadness to him, so I can at least have some rest. The next day, I usually wake up with his providence that I would never dream about.”

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What is more, Irbil has provided safe haven to more than 100,000 Christians and other persecuted religious minorities as they fled ISIS. This is not all, majority of Christian refugees who found shelter in Irbil are now moving on to refugee camps in Jordon, Lebanon and Turkey. On the other hand, tens of thousands who still remain in Irbil are relocating to prefabricated houses provided by the local church.