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Iraq: ISIS annihilates the ancient “Clock Church” in Mosul


Terror group Islamic State had destroyed yet another historic church in Mosul- Iraq’s second largest city. The terror outfit annihilated the ancient structure on April 24, Sunday. The Latin Church was located in the center of the ancient city which is the stronghold of the terror group in Iraq.

ISIS destroying churches in Mosul

The church was in olden times being managed by the Dominican Fathers, and was well-known as the “Church of the Miraculous Virgin” or commonly called the “Clock Church.” ISIS terrorists used explosive materials to devastate the ancient structure.

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In line with the official reports from the Chaldean Patriarchate, the irreverent act of vandalism is attributable to the barbaric Islamic State (Daesh). The city has been under control of the terror group, since June 9, 2014. Ever since the city fell into the hands of the ISIS militia, Christians of the area are in a death-defying situation. Christians were presented with three options: either to convert to Islam, pay the jaziya (religious tax) or be ready to get killed.

Reports are that the ISIS militants evacuated the area all around the church, before bombing it. The militants also purportedly looted all the valuables from the ancient church before wiping it out completely. Notwithstanding, the statement released by the Chaldean Patriarchate puts across great distress for yet another act of devastation of a place of worship of Christians. The Chaldean Patriarchate went on to urge the Iraqi leaders to take steps promptly to support genuine settlement.

The Latin Church, was unquestionably designated as the “historic center of Mosul,” primarily by reason of its unique bell tower with the clock, which was donated to Iraq’ Christians by Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. It is also suggested that the terror group’s motive behind obliterating the historic church could be that it was believed to be historically linked to France.

“The chimes of that clock, accompanied our youth, when Mosul was a city where you lived in peace. I remember as a student, when we had an important exam, we all went, Christians and Muslims, to bring our requests for help to the Lourdes grotto situated within that church, that even our Muslim friends knew and honored as ‘the miraculous Virgin church,’” Sister Luigina Sako- superior of the Roman house of the Chaldean Sisters of the Daughters of Mary said.