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Iraq: ISIS burns alive Christians locked in caskets



An escaped Christian captive of the terror group ISIS says, the terrorists are burning Christians alive while locked in caskets.

According to details, news emerged as a prisoner who had somehow managed to escape the captivity of world’s most brutal terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) – appalling details portrayed about the Christians who are in the captivity.

News is that an Iraqi Sergeant Karam Saad who had escaped from the ISIS captivity revealed these shocking details in a published statement. Sergeant Karam Saad had been in ISIS’s captivity in June 2014.

“They tortured the expletive out of the Christians and some died in the process. They would take some and lock them in a kind of casket, and set it on fire from the inside. I only spent three nights in prison. During that time, I paid attention to how many guards were on duty and any signs of weaker security.”

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Sergeant Karam Saad further revealed the horrors which the Christians have to face while in ISIS’s captivity saying that “some Christians were locked in a kind of casket, which was set on fire from the outside.” He went on to reveal that some of the Christians hostages have had to experience slow and painful death; while at others time they are executed in other gruesome ways including being skinned alive.

He also revealed how he managed to slip out of clutches of the terrorists. “In Iraq, the rooftops are flat, so you can jump from roof to roof,” he said. “Every once in a while, ISIS would speed off in their cars in search of more prisoners, and only leave a couple of guards behind.”