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IRAQ: ISIS Is Torturing Christians In Churches Of Mosul


ISIS is reportedly torturing Christians in Churches of Mosul- the second largest city of Iraq now under control of the Islamic State.

ISIS using Church premises to torture Christians
ISIS using Church premises to torture Christians

According to media reports, Iraqi Christians are reportedly being tortured in local churches by Islamic State in northern Iraq. A local Christian resident of Mosul in an interview to an international news source Sunday Times said, “These two churches are being used as prisons and for torture. Three of the Christian prisoners died because they were sick and nobody cared for them.”

Another Iraqi, known as Abu Aasi, claims that Christian prisoners of the ISIS are kept in the churches where they are being forced to convert. Moreover, he said, militants of Islamic State have been “breaking all the crosses and statues of Mary”. Photos have been released by the terror group showing severe punishments inflicted upon those found guilty according to their Shariah. Islamic State’s ardent determination to impose its radical interpretation of Shariah law has rendered all local civilians living life of fear.

Since the advance of the Islamic State and the day when Mosul was captured by ISIS in August 2014, thousands of Christians have fled Mosul. These Christians faced the prospect of conversion, paying a special tax or else execution. About 20,000 Christians reportedly fled Mosul in just 45 days, according to a UN report.