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IRAQ: ISIS Jihadists Could Transform A Church Into A Mosque In Mosul


MOSUL: In Iraq’s second largest city now in total control of ISIS, a Church is on the verge of being converted into a mosque.

A church could be transformed into a mosque
A church could be transformed into a mosque

Sine June, earlier this year Mosul has been fallen into the hands of the ISIS jihadists, a Syrian Orthodox church which was dedicated to St. Ephrem has now been emptied with reports that the church could be turned into a mosque. Widely circulated photos of the website www.ankawa.com show the pews and other furnishings have been removed from the church and placed as goods for sale in front of the church.

According to information widely circulating on social networks, it is clear that militants of ISIS are preparing to transform the church into a mosque. Other news sources interpret the looting of the furnishings of St. Ephrem in another way: the jihadists of IS, foreseeing an imminent military offensive to free Mosul, are intensifying raids in public and private buildings before preparing resistance. The church was chosen in July to be the State Council of the mujahideen. The towering cross on the dome had been removed earlier.