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IRAQ: More Than 100 ISIS Militants Killed In Recent Air Strikes By US Led Coalition

US led coalition  pounds ISIS
US led coalition pounds ISIS

The US-led coalition air strikes killed at least 100 Islamic State (ISIS) militants in the Gwer-Makhmur region on Monday January 12. Media reports say, the coalition fighter jets hit ISIS positions in the village of Kinsh, overlooking the town of Gwer, 60 KM southwest of Erbil, killing more than 100 militants.

Iraqi military source confirmed the figures while adding that the intense aerial bombardment began when an ISIS convoy started moving in the area. Moreover, air strikes on ISIS also targeted a military base in the village of Zawya near Makhmur at 11:45 Monday night. On the other hand, the Kurdish army has increased its attacks on ISIS on the Nineveh plains outside Mosul.

The fighting with ISIS is getting closer to its main base of Mosul where on Monday Iraqi and coalition jets dropped leaflets on the city, urging people to keep away from ISIS’s bases and report their whereabouts to the army.