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IRAQ or “Jihadistan”- What Is IS?

IS jihadists in Iraq
IS jihadists in Iraq

Since the beginning of June, ISIS – which has in recent times renamed itself as “Islamic State” IS – has stormed out of its throttlehold in eastern Syria to snatch Mosul, Iraq’s second city. IS now progressing along the Euphrates Valley capturing more towns and settlements; is posing a huge threat to Baghdad itself.

Everywhere IS jihadists take control these black-clad and balaclava’s fighters have imposed a horrific version of Islamic law, causing tens of thousands to flee from their homes empty handed. These merciless jihadists not only seize the territory but govern it their way.

With major assistance from local tribes support, economic viability, access to fuel and water, perceptions of their religious authority and that of their leader and self-appointed caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and whether or not IS is not likely to be dislodged soon. Their success thus far is attributable to recipe of fear and military capability.

This jihadist group is remnant of the “al-Qaeda in Iraq” includes successors to the Al-Qaeda group which was badly dented by the US earlier. A local journalist says, “IS’ ability to control lands has been based on deals with local militants willing to do the ‘ruling’ for them. Some of these deals are based on fear, others on a temporary meeting of interests, at times it is as crude as financial deals being struck between different gangs.