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Iraqi Christian who had fled ISIS faces deportation from UK


An Iraqi Christian Ozan, who was a deacon of a church in Mosul has been denied asylum in the UK and is likely to face deportation. He had fled Iraq escaping persecution at the hands of the terror group Islamic State. After arriving, he had filed an application for asylum in the U.K. but was denied.

Christians in Iraq fleeing

After his application was turned down, he has filed an appeal to the British Home Office. As he waits for the next hearing, he disclosed the horrors of life under the rule of ISIS. In an interview with an international news agency he said that on June 10, 2014 the Iraqi military had forbidden all the people in Mosul to go out of their homes. Later they announced that Mosul was captured by the ISIS.

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“Everyone fled Mosul during the night. All the families drove their cars to the nearest city or anywhere. We went to a monastery near Mosul. We stayed there for about two weeks,” he added. Ozan said that the terror group did not started killing people immediately. They presented three conditions to Christians either to convert, pay Jaziya or else get ready to die.

He further told that Christians who had opted to flee were robbed by the ISIS militants. The Kurds also do not welcome the Arab-Christians either, he said. “Because we are Arab people, they don’t give jobs to us and they consider us from a different country … They don’t give jobs to the people who are not in the Kurdish party,” Ozan said.

“Kurdish people are from Kurdistan … They don’t want Arabic people inside Kurdistan. And they don’t give us any rights inside Kurdistan. So how can this become our country?,” he continued.