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Iraqi Christian who suffered at the hands of ISIS prays for the terrorist outfit


An Iraqi Christian refugee, whose relative perished at the hands of the terror group ISIS, says she prays for the terrorist group. Christina Shabo who spoke at the World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, said that her relative was sadistically murdered and mutilated by the militants.

Christian Iraqi prays for ISIS

“I asked Jesus for the grace to forgive every time I would pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet (a Catholic prayer). But instead of praying ‘For the sake of his sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world,’ I pray ‘have mercy on ISIS and on the whole world,’” said 25-year-old Christina Shabo.

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While speaking on July 29, at the WYD she recalled the events that surrounded her family’s flight from their homeland after the advance of ISIS in 2014. “I don’t forgive ISIS.” Shabo went on: “I’ve struggled with it, because I haven’t gotten there yet. It’s a daily reminder,” she said.

Christina and her family have settled in the US after gaining asylum status. She said that her family is still stuck in Iraq. She narrated the time when ISIS captured Mosul and presented the Christian residents with three choices, either rot convert to Islam, pay the jaziya or face death. During the attack, one of her relatives was “violently murdered…He was chopped up in a dozen pieces” and was parceled to the family in a bag.

“Imagine someone that you love being delivered to you in a bag in pieces. It’s insane. So when I hear stories like that, how could I not be angry?” She said that one of her cousins was killed in recent bomb blasts. While repeating the Chaplet of Divine Mercy that “it just kind of came to me, Pray for them. Use that as a way to kind of think about them, but think about them in a more positive way.”

“Anger just makes you angry and bitter, and nothing good comes out of it,” she said. “But when you take that and you turn it into mercy and forgiveness, and you see how fruitful that can be, even for yourself, aside from anyone else, you can’t stop doing it.”