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Iraqi Christians forced to flee their homes again


Iraqi Christians return to their home after the town was liberated from Islamic State control were compelled to flee homes again after clash between Kurds and central government on Tuesday as Peshmerga forces snowstorm the region.

As indicated by the sources around 700-1,000 Christian Iraqi families have been compelled to leave the village of Teleskof, an Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac Christian town around 19 miles north of Mosul.

Peshmerga fighters from neighboring Kurdistan stationed in the village began taking part in a battle with forces from the Iraqi focal government. The fighting injured civilians, including children and women. Individuals who returned only recently to rebuild their homes have been told to leave the village before the clash between Kurdish and Iraqi forces reaches a boiling point..

“An envoy from the Iraqi government told the general population of the village that they had until dawn to clear,” a source in the locale, who made a request to be unidentified, as explained. “They were informed that the Iraqi armed force and the Shiite local army have said they will corrosively expel the Peshmerga in the morning.”

Teleskof was recently liberated from ISIS and was viewed as the model for restoring minority group towns and towns over the Nineveh Plain region of Northern Iraq prior this year. The town was as of late reconstructed with $2 million in help from the Hungarian government.

A larger part of the Assyrian towns in the plain have been left crushed. In a portion of alternate towns, the majority of the framework has been diminished to rubble; in others, perilous synthetic mixes have been dumped, dirtying the ground to poisonous levels.

“The one success story in Northern Iraq and it’s about to be destroyed over a pissing contest between the Kurds and Iraqi central government,” sources familiar with humanitarian efforts in the region.

Conflicts amongst Iraqi and Peshmerga broke up on October 16 up the fallout of a submission where the Kurdish individuals voted overwhelmingly for looking for full freedom from the focal government in Baghdad.

As expected 200,000 Christians stay in Iraq, down from more than 1.5 million preceding the 2003 Iraq attack, the lion’s share of them were compelled to escape Mosul and different parts of the Nineveh Plains to the Kurdish-held north in 2014 as ISIS ambushed on their land.

Sources say that some ministry and also other men, who are being led by Fr. Salar Kajo of the Chaldean Catholic Church, have declined to leave Teleskof.

A statement released by KRG on late Tuesday in which they recognized the firefight in Teleskof and called for Iraqi powers to stop the clash and perceive their recent referendum vote.

“Attacks and confrontations between Iraqi and Peshmerga forces that started on October 16, 2017, especially today’s clashes, have caused damage to both sides and could lead to a continuous bloodshed, inflicting pain and social unrest among different components of Iraqi society,” their statement read. “Certainly, continued fighting does not lead any side to victory, but it will drive the country towards disarray and chaos, affecting all aspects of life.”

The KRG likewise asked that Baghdad issue a prompt truce and stop every single military operation in Kurdistan and in addition solidify the aftereffects of the referendum.