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Iraqi Christians must be given a right to have their say after ISIS is obliterated says a a church leader


After terror group Islamic state is obliterated, Christians in Iraq must be given a right to express their views. A church leader from largest Iraqi congregation demands for an independent rule or at least be allowed to settle in a region of their choice after the conflicts are over. At the same time, he urged for self-administration for Christians.

Iraqi Christian leader calls for self administration for Christians

While urging for a right for Christians to have their say, the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael I said that in case when terror group Islamic State is wiped out there must be an interim political settlement which would allow Christians living in villages of Nineveh Plain to become “self-administrative.”

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He says that Christians who had fled from their homes would return once the captured areas are retaken from Islamic State. He urged for a referendum which would give Christians a right to decide if they want to live under the rule of Baghdad, or be affiliated with the Iraqi Kurdistan.

He said that the number of Christians has fallen sharply in the country, owing to the conflicts and terrorism in the country. He said that according to some careful estimates, Christian population is about 250,000 out of a population of 37.5 million.