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Iraqi Christians take up arms against ISIS: “We will stay in our land” they say


Christian militias in Iraq

Christians form militias and take on ISIS; being determined not to leave their homeland.

According to BBC, Christian men have formed a small unit stationed across the Nineveh Plains under blistering hot sun. These soldiers wearing sand-coloured uniforms is patrolling an area some 12 kilometres from the frontier with the terror group Islamic State (ISIS)

This is atypical because all these soldiers are Christians all of them determined not to flee from ISIS saying, “We will stay in our land.” These men are Assyrian Christians having military experience and have decide to take up arms against the advancing ISIS terror group.

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Assyrian Christians find roots from the first century peoples who were evangelised by the disciples of Lord Jesus Christ. These Assyrian Christians still speak Aramaic, which was the language spoken by Lord Jesus. Persecution is not new to these Christians they are undergoing such hardships since 2006.

It was only last year, when ISIS advanced against the Christian majority Mosul. ISIS launched an assault and took over the city brutally slaughtering Christian men, women and children. What is more, ISIS issued orders to them to either convert to Islam or die.

A former Iraqi army general Behnam Aboosh is leading this unit of Christian militia. “Some called it liberation; depends on your point of view!” Gen Aboosh told a BBC reporter. Hundreds of Iraqi Christians are voluntarily stepping forward and joining this unit.

With the rest of the army built in 2003 by Saddam Hussein, Gen Aboosh was made responsible for anti-aircraft defence of northern Iraq. However, he was retired by the Americans. “We will protect our land, not just from Islamic State. I tell you, on all the land they freed from ISIS Islamic State, there is a big problem. Many people want to take our land. We will stay in our land!”