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Iraqi Parliament vetoes bill for separate Christian province in Nineveh Plain


A bill for creation of a new Christian province in Iraq’s Nineveh Plain have been undone by a vote in the Iraqi Parliament, which favors maintaining an administrative border of the province of Nineveh. The idea behind the bill was that Christians might have an area where they could reside in peace alongside other minorities. The bill was originally introduced by a U.S. Congressman Jeff Fortenberry into the US House of Representatives as he called for the move.

Separate Christian province idea

An Iraqi Member of Parliament representing the Nineveh province Ahmed al-Jarba, requested a vote on the bill, which was vetoed. “The Iraqi people reject any decision that partitions the Nineveh province. The people of the city determine the destiny of their city in the post-Islamic State (ISIS) stage.”

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On the other hand, Bet al-Nahrain, Romio Hakkari, leader of the Assyrian Christian party Kurdistan24 said: “We do not want to be part of the possible Sunni autonomous region in Iraq.” The Christian leader had traveled to the U.S. in order to endorse the bill. A local news agency reported him saying, that the Sunnis in Nineveh discriminate against Christians in the area.

After the advance of Islamic State against the Mosul, back in 2014 approximately 80,000 Christians the city and the Nineveh Plain imperiled by the terror group. Minorities specially Christians and Yazidis were threatened to convert, pay jaziya or face death.

The ISIS onslaught, resulted in hundreds of civilians perishing, more than 400,000 forced to flee in northern Iraq. Men and children were annihilated in brutal ways while women being brutally raped and sold as sex slaves. Owing to the violence, Iraq’s Christian population which was 1.5 million once had shrunk to 200,000.