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Iraq’s Christians Are Begging The World For Help-Is Anybody Listening?

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IS spray painted N on properties of Christians

Ever since IS took control of Mosul Iraq’s second largest city in early June, the Islamic State, previously known as ISIS, ordered Christians to convert to Islam, pay taxes levied on non-Muslims, or die.

A Human rights lawyer Nina Shea describes the plight of Christians of Mosul saying, “IS took the Christians’ houses, took the cars they were driving to leave. They took all their money. One old woman had her life savings of $40,000, and she said, ‘Can I please have 100 dollars?’, and they said no. They took wedding rings off fingers, chopping off fingers if they couldn’t get the ring off.”

“We now have 5,000 destitute, homeless people with no future. This is a crime against humanity.”

For the very first time, Shea explains,” in 2,000 years, Mosul is completely devoid of Christians. This is ancient Nineveh we are talking about. They took down all the crosses. They blew up the tomb of the prophet Jonah. An orthodox Cathedral has been turned into a mosque. They are uprooting every vestige of Christianity.”

The troubled Christians of Mosul have fled to Kurdistan, which is providing refuge to them. However, going back to Mosul is not an option for them as the Islamic State IS has given their houses and businesses away. There is nothing to go back to even if the Islamic State left.

University of Mosul professor Mahmoud Al ‘Asali, a Muslim, bravely spoke out against the Islamic State’s purging of Christians and was executed.