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Is Being A Women In Pakistan A Crime?


More than 900 cases of honor killings emerge in Pakistan each year. According to reports, 500 women were abducted and another 400 raped in Punjab in the previous year.

Being a women in the Pakistani society is a crime and to top it all off, being a Christian women is even greater a problem.

Mehboob Khan legal aid advisor of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan HRCP. Centre for legal Aid Assistance and Settlement said, “Women, children and religious minorities are among the most disadvantage groups. Christians especially prefer to remain silent when it comes to speaking about social justice. There are different forms of gender based violence for which society is to be blamed”.

A meeting of 35 participants was called to discuss concerns over sexual and gender based abuse of women. In the meeting the case of three Christian women including an eight year old who was raped was also put forward and CLAAS has pursued regular vistis to the families and arranged police intervention as well.

“Our struggles end at the doors of provincial assembly of the Punjab”, Bushra Khaliq, another panellist, told AsiaNews at the sidelines of the event. “A feudal and tribal mindset generally prevails among the lawmakers. Whenever the issue of a pro woman bill is raised, everybody becomes concerned about its misuse. This affects both the policy and psyche that follows”, said Executive Director of Women in Struggle for Empowerment.