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IS Carries On With Al-Qaeda’s War On Christians In Iraq


Al-Qaeda declared war on Christians in Iraq IS carries on with the mission.

IS militant killng Iraqi Christians
IS militant killng Iraqi Christians

This recent brutality of Islamic State militias is not a new idea as formerly Al-Qaeda has already declared war on all Christians in Iraq because of US led invasion in 2003. Since IS is a splinter group of Al-Qaeda in Iraq it carries on the mission.

Fr. Samir Khalil Samir- Egyptian Jesuit who is one of the Vatican’s leading experts on Islam says, “In Iraq, every attack prompts the exodus of thousands of Christians.”

Father David Jaeger, a Franciscan expert on the Holy Land and the Middle East says, “As the terrorists themselves say, their purpose is to eliminate the Christian presence from those lands either by physically destroying Christians or by terrorizing them into renouncing the faith or fleeing.”