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Is Christian Faith A Target?


christians target
Creation of societies governed by the Shariah law is the aim of terrorist groups like ISIS and Al- Shabaab. This means that anyone who does not adhere to these extremist ideologies is viewed as enemy and is under constant danger. This school of thought is not only aimed at the Muslims around the world, Christians are equally vulnerable.

Christians although are not the only ones who have been affected by these radical groups. Muslim fellows have also been killed because they did not agree to the ruthless acts and extremist world view of ISIS.

There are still ample examples of how Christians are highly at risk; the latest came Friday, when an Italian prosecutor revealed that a network of Pakistanis associated with al Qaeda talked about attacking the Vatican back in March 2010.

Although this attack and the one recently planned in Paris were foiled, numerous others have materialized. A huge example of this is the attack on Garrisa University. Though everyone suffered in the same way, at the university death was reserved only for Christians. This tactic of signalling out Christians in order to kill them was also seen when Al-Shabaab attacked the Kenyan village of Kormey.

After the Kenya university attack, Al-Shabaab’s claimed that it only kills non-Muslims as “a tricky way of doing business.” Killing of Christians in bomb attacks in Youhanabad and the recent video of ISIS beheading are also instances.

The ordeal of Christians who are driven out of their countries in Syria and in Iran is not unheard of. Churches are being destroyed, people are being kidnapped, homes are being broken into and entire cities have been taken over. In recent threats to survival of Christianity in the Middle East, Assyrians now battle for survival in native homeland.

Being targeted for faith is a nightmare which is not going away. It is a holocaust in our midst.