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IS Militants Are Killing Christians Every Day An Iraqi Priest Tells


IS militants are killing Christians every day says a Priest of Baghdad.

IS crucify Christian men who refuse to accept Islam
IS crucify Christian men who refuse to accept Islam

The Vicar of Bagdad tells from the area, “I have just returned from a secret visit to Qaraqosh – once the largest Christian town in Iraq, but no longer”. Today, Qaraqosh is almost empty, because the fanatical Islamic State terror group has now taken control of the town. All the Christians about 50,000 in total have fled, fearing that, like other Christians in this region, they will be slaughtered.

People from around the world ask me: ‘Is it really as terrible as this? Can these atrocities be real? ’I tell them: ‘Yes. It is as real and terrible as this.’ Qaraqosh has become a place of terror. Its Christians were shot and some were ‘crucified’, a final humiliation and an outrage against the individual, and their Christian faith they had refused to abandon.