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ISIS beheads 14 year old for ‘missing Friday prayers’



A 14 year old boy has been executed by ISIS for allegedly missing Friday prayers. The parents of the youth were forced to witness the beheading.

According to details, the boy was arrested by ISIS militants from central mosque of Jerablus which is the has been used by ISIS to promote its self-proclaimed Caliphate. The mosque is used to enforce ISIS as the dominant force in the region, with only pro-ISIS supporters welcome to preach to worshipers.

The boy was charged with apostasy and beheaded publicly.

The news was broken down by Nasser Taljbini, a local civil rights activist.

While talking to a news channel, he said, “”Dozens of people attended the brutal execution, including the victim’s parents who were forced to witness the beheading of their own son.”

ISIS has been defeated in much of northern Iraq but maintains a strong foothold in Syria. “ISIS is trying to prove that it is still powerful despite all the military defeats.” Taljbini continued

He was of the view that, “The group is trying to terrorise people through conducting such public punishments.”
Local sources in Jarablus said that ISIS sees in the teenagers as future jihadis who should receive a proper Sharia education in order to stay committed to the message of the so-called Caliphate.

ISIS considers itself the “Islamic Caliphate” (a theological empire) and controls vast swathes of land in western Iraq and eastern Syria. They also have “allegiance” from different radical Islamic groups around the world (from Afghanistan to Nigeria) who “govern” self-proclaimed provinces.

Within the areas they control they have established a reign of terror second to none. They have institutionalized slavery and rape (particularly of adherents to the Yazidi religion who they view as devil worshipers) and have carried out genocide and ethnic cleansing of Christians, Alawites, and other Shiites and Yazidis in the territories they control.