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ISIS beheads a Christian says it is a revenge for persecution of Muslims in South Sudan


ISIS in Libya

Terror group ISIS releases a recent video showing a Christian man being executed.

ISIS has a video filming execution of a Christian man who is purportedly a citizen of South Sudan. This Christian man was shown to be forced to his knees afterwards the ISIS executor beheaded him.

In the video, the ISIS executor can be heard saying that this execution of the Christian man was justified and a revenge for Muslims persecuted in South Sudan. The ISIS executor who was wearing a mask, dressed in black said, “This is a message to our Muslim brothers in South Sudan who are suffering injustice, uprooting and slaughter at the hands of the Christian aggressors.”

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This video was released by a faction of ISIS in Libya, whereas the Christian man who is shown beheaded was a captive of the terror group who was wearing an orange jumpsuit. Before being beheaded, the Christian captive made a brief statement about his identity revealing his name and nationality in front of the camera.

The ISIS executor can he heard threatening the Christians sating, “We will cut every hand that hurt you. O’ Christians in South Sudan know that as you kill you will be killed and as you displace our brothers we will do the same… No safety or shelter for you except that of the Islamic State.. We will fight all of you as you fight us”.

The ISIS jihadist also said, “We are conveying good news to you that Allah has deployed the soldiers of the caliphate to avenge for you and defend you.” He justified the beheading of the Christian man and said it was a revenge for the persecution of the Muslims in South Sudan.