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ISIS brutality: Militants cut off right hand and left leg of a 14-year-old who refused to become a jihadist


ISIS kidnaps children

A boy who escaped the hell like captivity of ISS reveals the horrors of being a captive of the militant group ISIS.

According to a recent report by NBC News, ISIS has been actively engaged in employing worst form of violence to establish an army of children. These children, after receiving training from their camps are to become future jihadists and suicide bombers.

A 14-year-old boy reveals the terror he had to face while in the captivity of ISIS. He used to work with Syrian rebels Kurds who fought the ISIS. Later on, when the extremist group ISIS captured eastern Syria, he went into hiding.

He said, “I stayed at home for seven months. Later on, ISIS started arresting members of the Free (Syrian) Army. One of the detainees told them that I was also member.” This young boy along with 75 other boys was in due course captured by ISIS militants and was detained in jail for about two months.

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While he was in the captivity of ISIS, he under go extremely inhumane torture at the hands of the jihadists. He said, “They beat me with bats and applied electric shocks to my genitals.” He added, “Many boys died there. No water, no electricity. They provided water twice a day. We used the toilet once a day.”

After a while, he was released from the captivity, under one condition that he would go to the ISIS teaching school. He, shortly, realized that he would at any time be used as a suicide bomber by the ISIS jihadists. As a consequent, he decided to escape with his friends.

However, these boys were caught by the ISIS jihadists while escaping, he was straight away presented before an ISIS judge, who decided that he should be severely punished for choosing to leave the realm of “true Islam.”

“He said to me ‘This is the judgment of God. You were going to the land of the infidels… so you are like them. Your leg and arm must be cut off,'” the boy recalled. And, with a deep sigh, he stated that in front of a cheering crowd, my right hand and left leg were chopped off.” Subsequently, he managed to break away from the jihadists and reached Turkey.