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ISIS Brutally Put More Than 500 Christians, Shia, Kurds And Yazidis To Death

Mass execution by ISIS
Mass execution by ISIS

According to a report by the Human Rights Watch released on October 30, ISIS militants drove 600 Christian, Shia, and Yazidi male prisoners into the middle of the desert, lined them up along the edge of a ravine, and shot them.

As the witnesses account, the ISIS militants separated the group from more than 1,500 prisoners on religious and ethnic basis. The prisoners were questioned about their beliefs, names, hometowns and other details The remaining Christians, Shia, Kurdish, and Yazidi prisoners were then searched for valuable possessions by the militants.

These prisoners were given no food or water for 24 hours, however, the ISIS militants promised them supplies as they drove them deeper into the desert. When the prisoners arrived in the desert, the militants mocked them saying,” you’ll have water in paradise.”

The militants then made the men kneel in a single line along the rim of a curved ravine 6 to 12 feet deep. They were then asked to number themselves off, with each person forced to “raise his hand and say his number.”

The witnesses told Human Rights watch that 30 to 40 men survived the shooting, though later on several died as they tryied to crawl or stagger away. After the militants left, the survivors fled.