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ISIS claims responsibility of the heinous attacks in Paris


Paris attacks

World’s ultra terrorist group ISIS claims responsibility of attacks in Paris.

In keeping with details, terror group Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the disastrous attacks in Paris. The terror group in its written statement termed these attacks “miracles.”

In an official proclamation, which was also posted on Twitter, the group stated: “Today brothers from all across the world set foot in Gaul and remind the kaffir (disbelievers) in dur Al Kuffr (the land of disbelievers) that we live beside you.

We watch you when you go to sleep. And today we bring you your death. Today we reaffirm the fact we are the Islamic State. Our brothers who carried out these miracles in Gaul, the day of 29th and 30th Muharram, 1437 Hijiri.”

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The terror group claimed that eight attackers “carrying explosives belts and assault rifles targeted meticulously in advance at the heart of the French capital”. The attackers blew their explosives after running out of ammunition. “This attack is only the beginning of the storm and a warning,” ISIS threatened.

This was a one-page written statement which was published by Al Hayat Media Centre; which is one of the key publication houses of the Islamic State. ISIS previously claimed responsibility for various attacks that were believed to be valid.

In a similar way, ISIS claimed responsibility after a Russian airliner crashed over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt some two weeks ago. The statement from the Islamic State contained few details which makes it hard to determine its reliability.

On the other hand, a statement came after French President François Hollande in which he blamed the attacks on the terror group in a televised address on Saturday, November 14. “It’s an act of war perpetrated by a terrorist army, Daesh [Isis], against France, against a free country. These attacks were prepared, planned from the outside, with internal complicity.”

President Hollande has declared a national state of emergency in France, at the same time installing military around Paris along with enforcing tighter controls on French borders. Moreover, three days of national mourning have been proclaimed by the President.