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ISIS flogged Christian Women In Qaraqosh Forcing Them To Convert


Christian women of Iraqi tow Qaraqosh were flogged by ISIS forcing them to convert to Islam.

ISIS flogged Christian women
ISIS flogged Christian women

According to an eye witness, the Christian women who refused to convert were assembled as a group to be whipped so that they could witness how the others were suffering grievously. However, none of the women gave up under the scourging and other cruelties inflicted upon them. “All of us were crying but refused to convert,” a Christian woman Khiria said.

An ISIS terrorist who was flogging Khiria across her back told her he would “hurt her more” unless she became a Muslim, she said unto him, “I am an old lady and sick. I have not got any daughter or son that may increase the number of Muslims or follow you, what is the benefit if I will convert?”

On the 10th day all of the women were assembled together again and a terrorist “put the sword on my neck in front of all the ladies and said to me: ‘Convert or you will be killed.'” She answered: “I am happy to be a martyr.”

The ISIS terrorists then robbed her of all possessions, including money she had saved for a kidney operation, and drove close to Kurdish territory where she was released on September 4 along with her husband and two other Christian women.