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ISIS hacks website of an Australian church, posted a threatening message for Christians



Terror group Islamic State has reportedly hijacked website of a Sydney church.

According to details, the terror group ISIS while hacking the website of Our Lady of Mercy Syriac Catholic Church’s website. This church is based in Concord in west of Sydney.

ISIS hacker replaced the homepage of the website with a video of gruesome beheadings of its captives who are speculated to be Christians. A threatening message was also put on the website, by terrorist hackers. In the graphic video which replaced the homepage of church’s website shows beheadings, ruthless shootings and peole being buried alive.

The message which the terror group left on the website was titled “‘Hacked by Islamic State,’ this text was enhanced against the black homepage.

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The message read as follows:
“ Now our fighting has come!
We don’t negotiate except with cannon, we don’t have dialogues except with guns, we will not talk except strength.
And we will not stop the fighting until we make Athan and pray in Rome by Allah’s will in a conquest, as a promise from Allah, and Allah does not break his promise, Russia will be a wilayat inxa’Allah!

Daily Mail reports, that the Rahal Dergham who is the Parish priest of the church said that the congregation of this church comprises of majority of Christians from Iraq and Syria. Rahal Dergham further said that the congregants were shocked afterwards they expressed anger and got upset.

‘We have our families still under the threat of ISIS and the majority has been hurt, displaced or raped,’ Parish priest Rahal Dergham said. “I don’t think at this stage we have any fear. We’ve lost everything. They [the church members] feel a big loss has happened. We’re always hoping that at one stage ISIS would be defeated and we would be back to our towns and churches and monasteries and villages and properties, and business as usual. [But] people have lost hope,” he added.

He continued to say that the church community had been on the lookout for a peaceful way of life. “Hopefully Australia will always be a safe country and safe home for all of us.”