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ISIS Have Posted Huge Threat To Christianity’s Centuries-Old Heritage Says Iraqi PM


BAGHDAD: Iraqi Prime Miniter condemns the ISIS persuting and expelling Christians from Mosul.


Iraqi PM condemns ISIS
Iraqi PM condemns ISIS

After taking control of Mosul, the jihadist group ISIS gave Christians three options: convert, pay a hefty tax or be killed.

As a result of this, majority of the Christians chose instead to flee, many to a self-ruled Kurdish region. Seeing this situation the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki condemned the group’s actions in July, saying:

” they post a huge threat to the minority community’s “centuries-old heritage”.

“What is being done by the Daesh terrorist gang against our Christian citizens in Ninevah province, and their aggression against the churches and houses of worship in the areas under their control reveals beyond any doubt the extremist criminal and terrorist nature of this group,” al-Maliki said in a statement released by his office.

“Those people, through their crimes, are revealing their true identity and the false allegations made here and there about the existence of revolutionaries among their ranks,” the statement said.