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ISIS Is Responsible For Making At Least 20,000 Children Orphans In Syria And Iraq


No less than 20,000 orphans whose parents were murdered by ISIS are taking refuge on the Turkish borders of Iraq and Syria.

Syrian refugee children
Syrian refugee children

According to a media report, Suruc in Turkey is the border city that is next to Kobane. Just in Suruc, there are over 1000 orphans from Syria. Moreover, in other areas along the Syria / Turkey border, there are over 8000 orphans from Syria alone, in the age range of 3 years old to 12 years old.

At the Turkey / Iraq border, near the town of Silopi, there are over 10,000 orphans. However, it is unspecified that out of these how many are Christians because the number of refugees in not recorded in this manner by the local authorities.

The fact that is saddening is that UN seems to ignore the plight of Iraqi’s and Syrian especially on the front that orphans are being ignored. United Nations does not have any specific orphan relief or rehabilitation program, only the normal feeding programs for refugee families.