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Nobody will be spared: ISIS jihadists posing as refugees might smuggle deadly nerve gas in Europe


ISIS trying to invade Europe

The terrorists of ultra-extremist terror group ISIS are posing as migrants who are pouring into Europe among the migrants.

In a chilling revelation made by Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, who is cousin of Colonel Gaddafi, claimed that the ISIS terrorists might try to sneak into Europe among the migrants while themselves posing as migrants. He made hair raising claim that these terrorists will try to smuggle a deadly nerve gas using boats which other migrants use for migration. This deadly nerve gas is called Sarin, which is deadly a chemical weapon.

This deadly gas can cause death in just minutes however; the real danger lies in the fact that it is almost impossible to detect this gas as it has no taste, no smell and no colour. This gas Sarin was used in recently during an attack during the Syrian civil war, and about 1,800 people were killed as a result of this deadly chemical weapon.

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He claims that ISIS will be taking advantage of the ongoing humanitarian crisis which has grappled Europe, and try to dispatch its jihadists into Europe. He warned that ISIS might try and attempt attacks in various locations in Europe after it’s jihadists manage to sneak into the continent.

Moreover, Gaddaf al-Dam continued to warn that the terror group ISIS intends and might try to spark a global “catastrophe” and “nobody will be spared” if the Western world continues to disagree with Russia’s approach to support the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and launch military campaign against ISIS on Syrian soil. “In the intervening time, Israel could be “attacked from its four corners by thousands of suicide bombers”, Gaddaf al-Dam said.

“What is happening now warns of a forthcoming catastrophe. which will affect the whole world. Everybody must reconsider… before it is too late for nobody will be spared,” MailOnline quoted al-Dam.

Gaddaf al-Dam, who is a former Syrian intelligence official told that European countries would be rendered helpless to prevent “suicide bombers from hell” further more, the terror group might attempt cutting the flow of oil through the Suez Canal. As a result of this blockage, the price of oil would ascend to an overwhelming £130 per barrel. As a result of this catastrophe European countries like Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal will become default.

Besides, a representative of ISIS was also reportedly quoted saying that ISIS has successfully smuggled 4,000 concealed gunmen into Europe. Media reports him boasting about this exploit of the terror group as it continues to smuggle the concealed operation when he smiled and said, “Just wait”.