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ISIS Kidnaps Christian Children Convert And Train Them Into Jihadists


ISIS training children

The dishonourable ISIS group is now kidnapping children of other religions forcing them to convert to Islam after which they are trained “how to behead infidels.”

According to a 14-year-old boy who was kidnapped by the group and later was able to escape shared his horrifying experience while during the captivity of ISIS. He said, while talking about dolls given to them, “They told me it was the head of the infidels.”

“I was scared when I saw that. I knew I wouldn’t be able to behead someone like that. Even as an adult,” he exclaimed. As said by the boy, he will never be able to forget the videos of beheadings that ISIS showed the young captives.

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As reported, the militant group forces the young boys they kidnap to convert to Islam from their ancestral faith. The militants then train them into jihadi fighters. It seems as if, the purpose of the terrorist group is to turn boys of other faiths into killers and suicide bombers.

In order to kidnap Christian, Kurd and Shia children the ISIS fighters attract them with toys. Once the boys get enticed they kidnap them and bring them to their camps where they are forcefully converted to Islam.

The facts collected by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights show a dismal picture that at least 1,100 Syrian children under 16 became members of ISIS this year alone. This massive membership is mainly because of kidnapping. Out of these 1,100, the facts reveal, as a minimum 52 have been killed in battle which included eight suicide bombers.