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ISIS killed Christians straight away, abused their corpses, ex- ISIS fighter reveals


An ex-ISIS fighter says the militants killed Christians on spot and abused their corpses. The former extremist who fought for the terror group said that he had spent a year with the group. He said that he was lured into the jihad by a propaganda videos published by the terror group on the internet. He repented after watching the violence carried out by the group and decided to quit his allegiance with the ISIS Caliphate.

ISIS killing Christians

ISIS’s actions were “worse than the tyranny of the government forces.” He further revealed, “They were extremely brutal, killing women and the elderly who did not obey them. They abused and mutilated their dead bodies. They cut up the corpses, tied them to the back of the cars and dragged them all.

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He disclosed that the militants preferred killing Christians on the spot. “They would find them and publicly execute them. I witnessed many executions.” Eventually, he was permitted to leave by one of the higher ISIS officials, and handed himself over to legal authorities upon his return. He was charged with terrorism offences, and was awarded a five years suspended sentence.”